In this week’s Business Herald Podcast we talk about Lockdown II the rematch (or as our Leicester based guest put it Lockdown 3) and the effect it will have on the economy (massive). 


We talk about: 

– whether the lockdown puts retail and hospitality as the sacrificial lambs of the UK economy

– is lockdown II the “final straw” for small businesses, and has business been “sold down the river” – is it really a “business breaker”

– we look at whether the US Election outcome really impacts us in the UK and in particular SMEs

– we talk about electric cars

– and much more. 


This week we are joined by Dominic Gomersall MD of Lumbers Jewellers in Leicester, and Tim Kirby Co-Founder of Wattam Kirby Mee financial planners. 


Your host as always is Steven Mather, Solicitor, and Lawyer for SMEs. 


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